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According to the lawyer representing Key Biscayne investor German Rodriguez, a baseball fan befriended by Hernandez who was talked into lending the money, Hernandez spent an hour trying to convince him that he has nothing left after 13 Major League Baseball seasons and an estimated $50 million in earnings. It took attorney Robert Frankel more than a year to get Hernandez to appear for a deposition. At one point, law enforcement agencies throughout Florida were instructed to arrest Hernandez and bring him to court in Miami to respond to the lawsuit originally filed in February 2016. Sign up today for a free 30 day free trial of unlimited digital access. But the winning pitcher of games 1 and 5 of the 1997 World Series against the Cleveland Indians eventually came and was grilled for an hour about his ability to reimburse German. “He was a smart ass,” Frankel said, “and he was sarcastic and showed a pretty bad attitude. He kept talking back and threatening me.” Hernandez, famous for uttering “I lo’ you, Miami” after winning the World Series, told Frankel most of his income these days comes from tutoring kids in the art of pitching, at times one-on-one. Thing is: Hernandez claims it’s an all-cash business, so quantifying it may be difficult. “He says he’s got no checking account and no bank account,” Frankel said. “He says his Audi SUV is borrowed from a friend and he pays his utilities with cash. “His story is pretty difficult to accept.” According to Frankel, the plot thickened when he received copies of several years of tax returns from Hernandez’s accountant. Frankel says the paperwork was the strangest he’d ever seen in 38 years of working on financial litigation.

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